Timber Design

Timber a naturally available building material that can be recycled, re-constituted or processed to create strong members to span longer distances. Timber is used in the construction of all kinds of structures from formwork to framing, roofing and flooring.

Timber Design Specifications

Structural engineers specify the size, strength and spacing of timber members for the span that is required for a particular structure, whether it be a roof, floor or wall.

Types of Timber

There are three types of timber:

  • Old growth timber – is the most expensive and is mainly used for bridge construction and aesthetic purposes
  • Plantation timber – this is used primarily in housing construction
  • Processed timber – often used as an alternative to natural timber for internal use due its strength and ability to cover longer spans

Our structural engineers can design any type of timber to meet any particular architectural and/or structural requirements.

Choose Neilly Davies for Your Timber Design

Neilly Davies’ timber design expertise extends over 35 years and includes roofing, flooring and walls for internal and external applications to suit any kind of loading. We also provide:

  • timber design of formwork for concrete construction
  • design of timber trusses for roofing
  • structural assessment of trusses supplied by manufacturers
  • connection or joint details to satisfy a particular architectural requirement

No matter your project scale or timber design needs, Neilly Davies structural engineers have the experience and expertise to provide you with buildable solutions that are practical and cost-effective.

For more information about our timber design services or to discuss your project in more detail, call us now on 1300 730 340.

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