Pergola Design

Alfresco & Pergola Design

Pergolas are typically designed in timber and very occasionally in steel. Pergolas may include a large entertainment area depending of the space available very often in the rear yard of any property.

These may be elevated depending on the fall of the land with appropriate decking and stairs associated with them. Some have storage area below the decking. If the pergola is in level land a concrete base or paved floor with compacted base is used.

Why Do I Need an Engineer for Pergola Design?

Although these structures appear very simple in concept, a properly engineered alfresco or pergola is safe and satisfies all council development approval requirements. An aesthetically pleasing pergola or alfresco requires in depth knowledge of structural engineering to design. An important aspect such as North/South orientation is crucial to reduce glare and therefore allowing a good balance for sunlight at anytime of the day.

Types of Alfresco or Pergola Design

Some of the more common pergola designs are:

  • Concrete or paved base timber pergola without roof and with light sheeting roof
  • Elevated timber decked timber framed Pergola with or without sheet roofing
  • Any of the above with pitched roof with varying roof profile based on architectural design
  • Use of steel in any of the above for framing for bush fire or corrosion prone areas

Why Neilly Davies for Alfresco & Pergola Design?

Neilly Davies architects and engineers have designed pergolas and alfrescos for leading public organisations, schools, developers and private home owners. No matter your project scale, taste or budget Neilly Davies architects and engineers can design an alfresco or pergola to suit your needs.

For more information about our alfresco and pergola design services, call us now on 1300 730 340.

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