Slope Stability Analysis

A slope stability analysis is primarily concerned with identifying and determining any slopes of land that may cause damage if the land slides or breaks apart.

When is a Slope Stability Analysis required?

Since landslides are hazardous even in small scale, any slope, either man-made or natural, should therefore be analysed to determine whether any remedial work is needed to be done before construction or digging can continue.

Slope stability analyses are routinely performed to assess the safe and functional design of excavated slopes such as open pit mining and road cuts.

What Does a Slope Stability Analysis Involve?

In general the primary objectives of slope stability analysis are to:

  • Determine slope stability conditions
  • Investigate potential failure mechanisms
  • Determine the slopes sensitivity or susceptibility to different triggering mechanisms
  • Test and compare different support and stabilisation options; and
  • Design optimal excavated slopes in terms of safety, reliability and economics

Choose Neilly Davies for Slope Stability Analysis

Neilly Davies geotechnical engineers have over 35 years experience in the investigation and analysis of both man-made and natural slopes.

For more information about our Slope Stability Analysis services or discuss your project in more detail, call us now on 1300 730 340.

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