Groundwater Analysis

What is Groundwater Analysis?

Groundwater analysis is complex process involving a number of practical site tests concerning the soils water saturation level on the site and the location of the water table in the ground. If the ground is found to be saturated, foundation design may be altered and redesigned to make sure that the soil can continue to carry the imposed loads.

When do you need a Groundwater Analysis?

A Groundwater Analysis is performed to essentially ensure that the soil will not liquefy and flow out from under the structures foundations once it has been erected, which is disastrous not just for the property but for the human occupants as well.

A groundwater analysis should be performed after any major flood to determine the soil water content has not reached a critical stage where the structures foundations may be affected.

Why Neilly Davies for Groundwater analysis?

Neilly Davies has over 30 years of knowledge in investigating natural groundwater on this subject and is dedicated to make sure that your property will achieve the right foundation no matter where it is built.

For more information about our groundwater analysis services or to discuss your project in more detail, call us now on 1300 730 340.

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