Foundation Investigation

What is a Foundation Investigation?

A foundation investigation involves assessing the building’s supporting foundations and identifying the causes of settlement and how best to rectify the problem. Foundations are a vital part in any structure as they are the main supporting feature of a building, so any flaw in the foundation is a major concern for the stability and strength of the building.

When do I need a Foundation Investigation?

You will need a foundation investigation if;

  • cracks appearing on walls
  • settlements in an area
  • structure or part of it is moving

These are the usual tell tale signs that a Foundation Investigation is essential to assess the situation and determine the right cause of action to rectify the problem.

What’s involved in a Foundation Investigation?

A geotechnical engineer will perform an in-depth investigation, which will involve;

  • testing out the soil surrounding the property
  • looking at the construction drawings for the foundation
  • reviewing geotechnical reports about the site prior to construction
  • reviewing the builder’s note regarding the excavation and compaction

All of these factors will provide answers on why the foundations are settling and will help provide the correct recommendations to rectify the problem.

Why choose Neilly Davies for my Foundation Investigation?

Neilly Davies team of structural and geotechnical engineers have more than 35 years of experience with foundations design and investigation. No matter the scale of your project, when it comes to investigating and rectifying any problems with piles, piers and footings you can trust Neilly Davies.

For more information about our foundation investigation services or to discuss your project in more detail, call us now on 1300 730 340.

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