Contaminated Site Investigation

What is a Contaminated Site Investigation?

A Contaminated Site Investigation is a thorough investigation of a site to determine if any hazardous chemicals or contaminant have leaked into the surrounding soil or water.

When do you need a Contaminated Site Investigation?

A Contaminated site investigation is carried out if;

  • knowledge of a contaminate or chemical spill has occurred
  • historically a known hazardous chemical has been spilled, or
  • knowledge of a plant using or producing chemicals on the land

Once a site has been identified as contaminated, licensed geotechnical engineers then determine the right course of action needed to suppress, contain and clean the contaminants on site, to remediate the site for future development or use.

Contaminated site investigation is a very delicate task that you should never appoint to just anyone as the contaminants on the site can endanger not just your property but human lives as well.

Neilly Davies for Site Contamination Investigation

Neilly Davies Consulting Engineers have a successful track record, investigating, managing and remediating contaminated land on any manufacturing, infrastructure and development project for over 30 years. Our engineers can conduct a Site Contaminated Investigation on land ranging in size from a few square metres to vast development projects.

For more information about our contaminated site investigation services or talk to us about your property, call us on 1300 730 340.

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