Heritage Impact Statements

What is a Heritage Impact Statement?

A Heritage Impact Statement, together with supporting information, addresses:

  • why the item is of heritage significance
  • what impact the proposed works will have on that significance
  • what measures are proposed to mitigate negative impacts
  • why more sympathetic solutions are not viable.

When is a Heritage Impact Statement Needed?

The Heritage Council requests that every development proposal is required to be accompanied by a Heritage Impact Statement.

Similarly, local councils and other development approval bodies are encouraged to require such a statement. This requirement could be viewed as a logical extension to a statement of environmental effects, which most councils commonly require.

What The Heritage Impact Statement explains?

A Heritage Impact Statement needs to explain how the heritage value of an item is to be conserved, or preferably enhanced, by the proposed development. This could involve stabilisation and repair work, restoration, reconstruction or redevelopment for a new use.

What information is required to prepare a Heritage Impact Statement?

Development proposals need to be supported by information that will assist the council to make an informed decision.

Where the work involved is minor, or involves an item of local significance, the Heritage Impact Statement can be based simply on a statement of significance or a conservation policy. However, for a complex proposal that affects an item of State significance, a more detailed conservation management plan would be required to support the application.

Choose Neilly Davies for your Heritage Impact Statement

Neilly Davies consulting engineers have been submitting Heritage Impact Statement’s for all kinds of development applications for 35 years. We provide an unbiased Heritage Impact assessment for your proposed development and give recommendations on items of heritage significance, based our expertise as environmental consulting environmental engineers.

For more information on our our Heritage Impact Statements, call us now on 1300 730 340.

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