Arborist Report

An aboricultural or arborist report is often requested by Councils as part of a development application (potentially as part of a landscape plan) and more particularly for in relation to regulated and significant trees.

You may also request an arborist report if you are concerned about the health and condition of your tree or you have a tree you are looking to remove or prune and need council approval.

What is an Arborist report?

An arborist report is a detailed legal document containing specialised analysis on the current state of trees impacted upon by a proposed development, including their physical health, type, hazards and risks posed as well as the means by which to minimise this impact.

Arborist reports can often mitigate disputes associated with the assessment of trees and other vegetation on a property.

Choose Neilly Davies for your Arborist report

It is important to choose an arborist that is appropriately insured, qualified, experienced and independent when assessing a development application or considering a tree damaging activity. Our team of arborists and environmental engineers have over 30 years experience in the provision of environmental services including environmental impact assessments and arborist reports for residential, commercial and infrastructure projects.

For more information about Neilly Davies environmental and arborist reporting services call us now on 1300 730 340.

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