Volume Survey

Stockpile or earthworks volume surveys are carried out to determine volumes for excavation or fill quantities. These surveys are used to:
  • determine actual earthwork quantities against design quantities (extent of cuts and fills, batter slopes etc);
  • identification of lots and layers for embankment fill (ie, to control and ensure that all lots were tested for compaction);
  • calculating volumes of cuts and embankment fill.

During construction the volume of a stockpile or of an excavated site are often used to equalise cut and fill volumes and accordingly minimise the costs associated with the import or export of material.

Volume calculations are very important in mining and roads to not only estimate the efficiency of machines but mining methods, but also to determine how much contractors should be paid if they are paid on a material-moved basis.

Volume surveys are also carried out in residential surveys in relation to on site detention tanks (to ensure that the tank is the right size for the block) as well as for large subdivisions and marine works.


Choose Neilly Davies for Earthwork Volume Surveying

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