Flood Level Survey

What is a Flood Survey?

Flood Surveys analyse the topography of the land together with the volume of the catchment area to determine the possible flood risk on your property. Licensed cadastral surveyors are called upon to assess the seriousness of flooding to permit approvals for proposed development in flood-prone areas.

Why do I need a Flood Survey?

Unless your property is obviously in a high position, it can be difficult for the inexperienced to determine whether or not your property is flood prone. Our registered surveyors can investigate records and enquire from authorities as to the flood risk for a particular property, hence saving you the trouble and anxiety about your property.

Observations can be made via site inspections to determine the specific extent of the risk. Our surveyors can then provide you with recommendation on the precautions required for new building or the likely depth of flooding which can be expected on existing property.

Can I build in a flood prone area?

Yes, however local Councils will only issue a building approval with the specific condition that the proposed floor level be not less than a particular reduced level usually 0.5 Metres above the 1:100 flood level.

A flood survey can provide you with a reference point adjacent to your building site so that council's conditions can be met.

Choose Neilly Davies for your Flood Survey

No matter the scale of your project, our licensed cadastral surveyors have the experience and expertise to determining potential problems which may result from floods on your property and provide reporting and certification to satisfy Council requirements.

If you would like more information about our flood surveying services or to discuss your project in more detail, call us now on1300 730 340.

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