Structural Adequacy

What is a structural adequacy inspection?

Any alteration or additions undertaken on an existing structure usually requires a structural adequacy inspection under the conditions to development consent provided by your local Council.

What is a structural adequacy inspection?

A structural adequacy inspection must be performed by a registered structural engineer to determine whether the existing structure can withstand forces, especially the superimposed loads that are exerted by the proposed development.

The proposed development may include an addition going on top of or an extension to the existing structure which may have implications to the foundation or other components.

Our structural engineers understand the different forms of structures and the components that contribute in supporting the proposed additions. They determine the adequacy of the existing structure based on the proposed extension. If there are any inadequacies, they address them in the new design, replacing any particular structural element to compensate for the inadequacy in the existing building. They then liaise with the architect if required to device the most economic solution for the development.

Choose Neilly Davies for your next structural adequacy inspection

Our structural engineers have over 35 years experience in carrying out structural adequacy inspections for residential additions and alterations, shopping centres, office buildings, industrial warehouses and larger infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

For more information about our structural adequacy inspection services, call us now on 1300 730 340.

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