Stormwater Inspection

Inspection of stormwater drainage systems is critical for construction due diligence and proper maintenance.

Why do I need a stormwater inspection?

While many stormwater systems may have been designed properly (see stormwater design), in practice, they may not perform as intended due to poor workmanship or lack of maintenance.

A buildup of pollutants in the system may emit unpleasing odour to the surroundings. Good stormwater drainage is also important in preventing flood and keeping stormwater runoff away from your property. Excessive moisture in the sub floor area can cause deterioration of building materials such as timber and can cause rising damp in masonry walls. Furthermore inconsistent moisture levels along the footings of the existing building can cause differential settlement leading to structural cracks in the walls and uneven floors.

The rectification costs of the above stormwater issues far exceed those of preventative maintenance measures. This is why it is important to have a professional stormwater engineer inspect your stormwater system before it is too late.

Choose Neilly Davies for your Stormwater inspection

Our hydraulic engineers have over 35 years experience in stormwater inspections for small residential projects, shopping centres, office buildings, industrial warehouses and larger infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

We perform checks to examine the stormwater discharges, any runoff contamination and the possible sources. Suspended materials such as oil, grease, discoloration, turbidity, odour, or foam can all contribute to stormwater pollution. We can also provide you with the management plan for stormwater drainage along with a design based on the actual contributing areas and appropriate rainfall intensity.

For more information about our Stormwater Inspection services as consulting engineers, call us now on 1300 730 340.

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