Pool Inspections

When would I need a structural pool Inspection?

It is important to have a qualified structural engineer conduct a pool inspection if you are building a new pool or you notice some developing problems in your existing pool.

Building a new swimming pool

When building a new swimming pool, it is important to have a qualified engineer to carry out inspections during critical stages of construction, including:

  • When the builders are excavating the soil (an engineer must determine whether the soil strata that the pool will be resting on has the adequate bearing capacity)
  • when the steel reinforcement is in place during construction to confirm that it has been laid according to the engineer’s specification;
  • after all construction works have been completed

Site specific requirements are addressed such as surcharge forces due to adjoining buildings, effect of excavation on existing buildings and effect of construction of the proposed pool on existing services.

Once inspections are carried out, certificates are issued to satisfy the requirements of the development conditions.

Notice problems developing in your existing pool?

You notice some developing problems in your existing pool such as tile cracking or losing water. A structural pool inspection would determine the cause of the problem and determine what remedial works are required and also consider the immediate safety of the pool.

Why Neilly Davies for Pool Inspections?

Neilly Davies has been trusted by major pool companies in Australia for over 35 years as an industry expert in swimming pool design and construction. Whether it is an above ground, in ground, residential or commercial pool, under construction or in need of renovation, our team of structural engineers have the knowledge and experience to provide structural pool inspections to maintain quality of the newly constructed pool or appropriate advice and recommendation for the renovation of the existing pool.

For more information about our structural pool inspections call us now on 1300 730 340.

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