Dilapidation Survey and Report

Most Councils and government authorities require that dilapidation surveys must be conducted and dilapidation reports prepared by a professional structural engineer for all buildings and council properties adjacent to the proposed development site prior to the commencement of any construction work.

What is a dilapidation report?

A dilapidation report, also known as a building condition report is a record of the pre-construction condition of properties adjoining the developer’s site and/or which may be influenced by the developer’s work.

It is an independent report without any bias to the owner or developer, where any existing structural damage and areas prone to damage are recorded and photographed, including movement in driveways, deflections in walls, cracks to brickwork and concrete.

Why do I need a dilapidation survey and report?

During development, neighbouring properties may sustain minor cracking and defects caused by vibrations, soil dewatering and construction errors. If a dilapidation survery and report is not undertaken then it is difficult to verify if structural damage occurred during construction of the adjoining property or was already pre-existing.

Developers are often blamed for damage to third party properties which pre-existed the developer’s construction activities. This is equally the case where an adjoining property owner has failed to notice pre-existing damage until it is brought into focus by the developer’s work.

Armed with a dilapidation survey report, a developer can quickly defeat spurious or erroneous \third party demands for damage to their properties and avoid costly litigation.

Choose Neilly Davies for Your Dilapidation Survey and Report

A comprehensive dilapidation survey and report conducted by a professional structural engineer is vital for the protection of a developer’s reputation, financial position and insurance claims history.

Neilly Davies dilapidation reports are conducted by professional structural engineers, have full resolution images, clear descriptions and most importantly have been used as credible evidence in legal disputes for over 35 years.

For more information about our dilapidation survey and report services by our experienced structural engineers, call us now on 1300 730 340.

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