Kerb and Gutter Design

The kerb and gutter serves two purposes:

  1. To channel the storm water runoff towards a stormwater drain. This keeps stormwater from building up on the road, reducing vehicle traction and to avoid flooding.
  2. To define the road way from the pedestrian foot path and the verge which is used by the public to provide a safe passage for pedestrian traffic. This also discourages vehicles from parking on the footpath.

A good kerb and gutter design gives the pedestrian a sense of protection from vehicles on the road and serves as a barrier with limited protection to deflect a slow oncoming car.

Choose Neilly Davies for Kerb and Gutter design

Neilly Davies civil engineers have over 35 years experience in quality kerb & gutter design. Whether it is, stone, concrete, masonry or integrated gutter design, Neilly Davies has the experience and expertise to produce design solutions that are fit for purpose, buildable and cost effective.

For more information about our kerb and gutter design services or to discuss your project in more detail, call us now 1300 730 340.

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