Driveway Design

A good driveway design is one has the right profile. It is important to have the right cross over, gradient and cross fall to manage changes of grade to eliminate scraping and bottoming out and to manage turning areas, especially when space is tight.

Driveway Design Experts

From complicated locations where no is entry possible due to the fall of the land to elevated driveway designs with turning circles, to carports on suspended reinforced concrete slabs on pier footings, you can rely on Neilly Davies for innovative design solutions that are buildable and cost effective.

Our Driveway Design Package

As part of our innovative driveway design we provide:

  • the required concrete jointing details such as expansion and saw cut joints to minimize cracking of the driveway slab
  • the associated drainage and road works
  • supervision of the construction work with critical stage inspections and construction certification

We also inspect existing driveways with unusual cracking problems and provide engineering advice with specification to rectify these problems.

In each of our driveway design projects we provide frequent inspections and advice to guide you through the process and to maintain the safety of the existing structure.

For more information about our driveway design services as consulting engineers, or call us now on 1300 730 340.

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