Fire Protection Services

What are Fire Protection Services

Designing Fire Protection services can be quite simple or considerably complex, depending on the property and the requirements from the client. Most residential houses must have smoke detectors to begin with but without the need of sprinkler systems and water pipes.

However, larger structures, such as commercial buildings or a public building space or especially any structure that accommodate a large number of people also require sprinkler systems to be installed and functional.

Sprinkler systems are one of the main types of Fire Protection Services which involve a network of pipes that must be carefully designed by a specialist building services engineer to make sure that when an unfortunate and potentially life threatening fire event occurs, the pipes, sprinkler heads and all other fire protection services will be working together to extinguish the fire as soon as possible.

Types of Fire Protection Services

Neilly Davies suite of fire protection services include fire suppression, detection, alarm systems and associated infrastructure. This includes:

  • Emergency lights
  • Emergency management plans
  • Fire alarms systems
  • Fire doors
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire rating - penetrations and control joints
  • Foam Suppression systems
  • Hydrants and hose reel systems
  • Smoke detection systems
  • Sprinkler systems

Why Neilly Davies for all your Fire Protection Services?

Neilly Davies has over 35 years of vast experience in providing specialised fire protection systems design for residential and commercial applications. You can be assured that our building services engineers will design fit-for-purpose solutions that complement both client satisfaction and building compliance.

For more information about our fire protection services or to discuss your project in more detail, call us on 1300 730 340.

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