Communication Services Design

Communications services is a specialised discipline concerned with connectivity, primarily voice, data, and information technology.

Over the past few decades, telephones have been a necessity and not just an option for homes and offices. This need intensified with the addition and acceptance of internet connections that also ran through the same phone lines. Communication services arrange and plan all of these connections and wirings so that they remain well hidden but easily accessible within any structure.

Why Do I Need an Engineer for Communication Services Design?

At first glance, communication lines can appear simple enough, especially if we are just looking at one phone and a modem on a single room or house. It becomes more complicated though if we begin looking at multiple connections, networks and systems for a multi-level structure such as an office building.

It is always better to plan ahead rather than having to deconstruct a part of your home or office in later years just to accommodate the new systems that you require. Getting the services of specialist engineers greatly help to avoid these hiccups, saving time and money

Choose Neilly Davies for Communications Services Design

Neilly Davies has long been an industry trusted engineering consultancy firm with vast experience and a team of dedicated and professional electrical engineers. Our team have been specialising in providing efficient and cost-effective communications solutions to our residential, commercial and infrastructure clients for over 35 years. Our expertise includes:

  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Emergency Warning
  • FIre detection and alarms
  • Intercommunication Systems
  • MATV and Pay TV distribution
  • NBN Infrastructure
  • PABX and VOIP systems
  • Public Address Systems
  • Safety sytems
  • Sound systems
  • Telecommunications cabling
  • Video and Teleconferencing

For more information about r Communication services design services, call us now on 1300 730 340.

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