Shadow Diagrams

Architectural shadow diagrams are a mandatory part of the development application process and visually demonstrate what impact the shadow created by the structure will have on the existing landscape and structures.

Shadow diagrams are particularly important where a new development is to be located in an already built up area where shadows exist from trees and other buildings.

Overshadowing, where a new development impinges upon the availability of sunlight to a pre-existing development, is increasingly becoming an issue at The Land and Environment Court. As such, shadow diagrams can be used in regulatory applications, planning and legal proceedings.

Choose Neilly Davies for Your Shadow Diagrams

Our expert architects and surveyors will provide you with accurate and high quality shadow diagrams for your development application including details of methodology, qualifications, assumptions, error capture and tolerance.

For more information about or shadow diagrams or other architectural design services, call us now on 1300 730 340.

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