Tom Ugly’s Bridge Rehabilitation

Tom Ugly’s Bridge, like many other bridges, was painted with lead-based paint. The primary aim of the project was to completely remove the lead-based paint and replace it with lead-free paint.

A traffic flow plan was utilized to limit the traffic and provide additional lanes on the new concrete bridge running parallel to the existing bridge. Extensive community consultations were carried out to plan the flow of both in and out of the bridge as to minimize the impact on the day-to-day lives of people using the bridge.

Commencement of the bridge works began with the installation of variable message sign gantries several kilometers before and after the bridge, informing the public of traffic control measures are being undertaken.

Like the re-painting of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Southern Approach, arrangements were made for the lead-based removal machinery, which could be moved along the river. Prior to the painting, detailed inspections and documentation were carried out.

Further into the bridge works, resurfacing of the entire deck was required for waterproofing. Sections of the deck were entirely removed for this to be completed. Additional aspects to the project were upgrades and replacement to the steel barrier system and the pedestrian walkway.

Project Value
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